Logo Design Process

1. Design Requirements

Design requirements & needs depends on the business domain. Every business needs an identity, q unique logo, With experience we have identified the design requirements packages that normally suited for business. Please choose the package that are best suited for you. Then, you may submit a basic online design request.

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2. Design Briefing

Every job starts with a online questionnaire, or creative brief. This initial portion of the design stage is critical, as it provides essential background information regarding your business (products, services, and company ethos). it’s very important for us to capture a clear idea of what will pull your project towards perfection.

3. Concept Generation & Prototype Designs

Once the questionnaire is returned, Logo Designer will be engaged to artwork. This is often done by sketching rough drafts onto old fashioned paper, then transferring them to the computer where they are then available for your review and evaluation.

As soon as the first prototypes are complete, These will be sent by email for your perusal. We keep Artwork files safe, so there is never a worry that you will lose a single pixel.

4. Send & Review

Once the initial prototypes are released, We will encourage feedback on each individual design. Most often, one or two items will need further development. Together, we will polish colour and typography. If the design doesn’t fit development, new ideas are but a brainstorm away.

Design and review will continue until you are thrilled with the final look and feel of the artwork. There might be limits applied as per packages you have chosen for revision (Design and review).

5. Final Output

Once the design is approved, We deliver all files via email, along with a broad range of additional formats. These you can may use as you see fit, in word documents or on your website. Standard file types include .eps .ai .pdf .jpeg and .tiff, in addition to software specific files such as Adobe Indesign. We always happy to add any other formats you might need without any additional charge.

Full copyright is granted upon receipt of final payment.